So you want to write for us?

We’re always open to those with a passion for the craft and a wild imagination to put to use. 

Here’s how. 

  • Pull out your CV.
  • Scan it over.
  • Then light it on fire. 

Got a cool story? Recently attacked by a shark? Tell us about it. Write a lot? Include some of your recent work or ideas. Passionate about something besides writing? By all means, rant on my friends. This website began on a windy crossroads for the occasional straggler to stumble by and read something, but that’s begun to change. Something for which we are eternally grateful, especially considering how new we are, so thank you. Truly. By all means we’re still a freshmen in the online world, but we’ve had a few queries lately wondering if writers were welcome to submit resumes and portfolios for the blog. So here is your answer. If you yourself are interested, please do contact us so we can see if perhaps there is something for you here with Blue Sky Writing!

Ultimately, we would like to be convinced.

So convince us!



For all other inquiries, please see: