We begin with a quick tale. 

Once upon a time a few brave souls with a love of stories created a space they soon called Blue Sky Writing. They intended it as a place for fellow crazies to come and read, learn, critique, and perhaps for the bravest among them, to even share. The majestic site was home to a blog updated every few days, one that even occasionally tried its hand in comedy (but honestly… debatable). It was home to local work, as they wished to share their own fables with folk who shared a similar passion for tales. Yet there was also space for others who wished for their stories to spread to do so as well. It was a blossoming utopia for those of this world mad enough to consider themselves writers. And you know what? We like to think they all lived happily ever after. 

Actually, we haven't gotten that far yet. In reality it started like this: Without a single doubt in our minds, we knew stories were a part of what makes this world spin 'round. We thought them the epitome of human evolution, and the art of storytelling among the greatest of all human trades. So, rather simply, we wished to create a space where those with bursting imaginations could let loose, and be at heart who they truly are. 

Crazy, foolish, writers. 

Underneath The Tree

A Short Story

Mrs. Life & Mr. Death

A Short Story

Understanding The Writer

A Blog Post

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