About Us!

Blue Sky Writing is simply a group of collective like-minded writers that set out with the goal of sharing their work, building a community and…

FINE. It’s honestly just a bunch of crazy people. Dammit but the truth hurts!

Wait a minute? That’s OK you say?

Well we appreciate you saying so.

And obviously that’s OK! ‘Cause these people write and read! Quite often in fact! The only real credentials anyone in their right mind could ever wish for! Right? I mean they also got insane coffee brewing / bottling opening skills and…

Nope. Penmanship is really all there is. And even then…iffy…

But… that’s ok, right…?

Hey, of course it is. Chin up people. Who really needs anything else? Real jobs are overrated. You know, real jobs and their early mornings, late nights, and their steady income…


Wait, for some inexplicable reason you still concur? Ah, good, good. All is well then! You may just be mad enough…

In fact, I think you may actually be in the right place. What are the chances? So please, look around, read, write, contribute, comment. After all, us writers need to stick together, right? Quick! Huddle! The world’s full of crazies, and you can never be too careful…


They’re all crazy.
— Most People, Most Places

Some of our stories

The Woman

The Woman



A Nameless Remembering

A Nameless Remembering