Creative Submissions

This part is simple. Ask yourself: 

“Do I have something creative I want seen?”

If the answer to that question is yes, then you have found the right place. This creative space is to be used as a tool to better ourselves as writers, poets, photographers and painters, and everything awesome in between. Of course you retain absolutely all rights, this is simply a place to share and get your work out there. The point of this new corner of Blue Sky Writing is to give everyone a chance to send some work out into the deep and rough sea that is modern day art. Fellow readers, painters and poets, we ask that you offer your opinions on works you choose to enjoy, help where needed, and of course praise where deserved. This section of the site is brand new so we are most certainly seeking those willing to share. Use each other to better yourselves as those of the creative trades, and use us for exposure. More importantly though, enjoy the words and works of others.


Happy hunting crazies.